August 29 There Will Be A Blue Moon On Halloween This Year 2020

Sadly Most of the Halloween events we normally enjoy will be canceled this year, but at least we will get to enjoy a rare event on Halloween night. 

October blue moon 2020

This year the month of October will have two full moons the second one known as a blue moon will fall on Halloween which I think is pretty cool. I'll be sure to make some moon charged water that night. 

In case you don't know what a blue moon is, it is when there are two full moons in one month. The second one is called a blue moon which is where the phrase once in a blue moon comes from. 

So watch out that night the lunatics will be out and so will the werewolves. Of course if you are a creature of the night then you have nothing to fear.

Here are some tips to keep your Halloween spooky despite the current situation.

1. Rent a Haunted House or room for the night. What a great way to have fun for the Halloween season but still stay socially distanced.

2. Decorate for Halloween like you never have before. Go all out and show your love of Halloween! Turn your home into the haunted attraction you wish you could visit.



3. Watch a ton of Horror movies.



4. Gather the family together and sleep in sleeping bags in the living room and tell scary stories all night long.


5. Get your friends together and have an online seance. The veil between worlds should be pretty thin on Halloween night.



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