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Three Wishes by Paula Millhouse

4 out of 5 Black Cats

I enjoyed this story. It's a simple tale of finding true love and is a short read. You can read it in a few hours on a weekend or on vacation. It's well written and edited and formatted professionally for kindle. It follows the pattern of a classic fairy tale so if that's something you enjoy pick it up.

However, do not pick it up for your twelve year old. This book is for adults. Near the end it does contain a very graphic sex scene. As sweet an innocent as the rest of the story was, I wasn't expecting it. Nor was it needed in my opinion, which is why I gave the story 4 stars instead of 5. I think a more innocent and romantic scene would have fit the story better. For those who love hot sex you're in for a treat.

If you enjoy stories about true love and fairies with a happily ever after and are 18 or older, then I recommend reading Three Wishes.

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