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4 out of 5 Black Cats
The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen was an enjoyable YA read. Gemma, a young girl, lives with her grandparents because her parents died when she was a baby. Her grandparents, Marco and Sophia, are strangely dispassionate towards Gemma. Until recently, Gemma never noticed because she, too, lacked any emotion. Something changes and Gemma is flooded with the emotions the rest of us take for granted. Gemma is also haunted by reoccurring dreams of monsters and a mysterious man hunting her in a snowy wood to kill her. When a gorgeous new guy and his sister start attending her school, everything starts to change. Gemma starts to see the monsters in real life. Secrets start to emerge about her parents and who they really were. A whole supernatural world reveals itself and Gemma finds herself the center of a battle to save the universe.

The story takes place in a very cold small town called Afton where it snows nine months of the year, an appropriate location considering the cold treatment of Gemma by her family and everyone else she encounters, especially her love interest, Alex. The only person nice to her and tells her the truth is a vampire named Laylen. I’m not sure why Gemma is so attracted to Alex when Laylen would clearly be a better choice. I guess the attraction is all physical looks. I hope in later books Gemma switches her affection to another character or Alex goes through a major attitude adjustment.

Other than the problem above, I enjoyed the writing style of this book and the concept so far, which is creative and different from many other books out now. I think the first person point of view of Gemma is entertaining. Gemma has a lot of spirit and personality so I don’t mind riding along on her adventure.

I was surprised that the first chapter was a dream sequence which is considered cliche in the writing world. May be the reason this author decided to self-publish. As soon as an editor opened up to a dream sequence they probably put the novel down. Too bad, because the rest was well written. The novel does still need some editing. I found about 27 editing issues, mostly missing words. I highlighted the areas on my kindle and made them public so if anyone is interested in fixing them they can be found by going to kindle.amazon.com

A warning for those who don’t like trilogies or series, this book does not stand on its own. You will have to read the following books to reach a satisfying conclusion. More authors are following this model because it is more profitable. I can’t blame them for that, but I do prefer each book to be a complete work on its own.

I enjoyed this first book enough I may pick up the next one. Right now the author has the entire series for sale at .99 which I a steal. If you like supernatural YA novels then this is one to definitely pick up and enjoy.

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