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Reckoning by Molly M. Hall


Reckoning by Molly M Hall is a paranormal romance for young adults about a girl named Kat who can see ghosts. She has kept her ability secret, but lately the apparitions she sees are getting out of control. Hiding the truth from the new guy who moved in next door and her new boyfriend she has drooled over all year is getting harder with lights exploding around her and invisible people pushing her down stairs. Kat tries to maintain control of her world discovering she has a destiny, a destiny to save the world.

This novel is well written and will draw you in. It’s formatted well for kindle with only a few copy editing issues such as missing words or too many words and once or twice the wrong word, but nothing bad enough to frustrate a reader. The cover is lovely and designed by one of my favorite artists Phat Puppy Art.

This first book in the series is more of a set up book, introducing the reader to the main characters and the protagonist’s problem to solve. It has a climax and resolution of sorts even though none of the story line is resolved, so you will have to read on in the series for an ending.

The main character, Kat, and her development are familiar in young adult fiction, a self-conscious girl pining away for the hot guy at school with an outgoing, beautiful best friend who gets everything she wants. At least Kat has the courage to go for the hot guy when the opportunity presents itself. I do wish YA writers would find a new way to make their main characters sympathetic.

There are two or three scenes with ghostly apparitions to help the reader understand Kat’s plight. Most of this book is about her developing relationship with her new neighbor, her developing relationship with her new boyfriend, and learning the truth about her abilities, not a lot of action until the end. It’s not about her and the ghosts. The way this book ends does promise more with ghosts and action in the next book.

At times, there were scenes of Kat getting ready, taking showers, brushing teeth, that I wish had been shortened to help the pace of the book. Whenever I encountered these scenes, I tended to skip read through them to get back to the real story. A simple, Kat woke up and got ready, would have been plenty. Some readers may disagree.

Despite the comments above that sound negative, I did enjoy reading this book. The writing style draws you in and keeps you interested. The story line promises adventure to come and sets it up well ending the book leaving you wanting more. Even though Kat’s background is similar to other YA books, her personality is interesting enough you will be able to overlook the similar setup.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys watching a girl get the crush she has dreamed of, and watching a girl on the verge of becoming a stronger person. Pick it up and give it a try.

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