June 15 Paramount by Nadia Scrieva Paramount (Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak, #1) by Nadia Scrieva

Paramount (Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak, #1)
by Nadia Scrieva 

Paramount (Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak, Book 1) by Nadia Scrieva is a paranormal romance novel about Pax Burnson, a descendant of devas. Pax has all sorts of special powers such as levitation, burning things with her hands, and super fighting strength. The book opens with Pax upset in her car because her boyfriend, Thorn Kalgren, cheated on her. Later, her childhood friend, Amara, is also heart broken when her lover, Pax’s uncle, breaks up with Amara. The girls team up and decide to use their deva powers to get revenge on their disloyal mates in a very unusual way.

Warning, this book is not for young readers. It has many swearwords and erotic scenes detailing sexual acts. This book is for adults only. If I had known this, I may not have read it. I don’t enjoy erotica.

The book is properly formatted and well written. It needs some minor editing of wordy sentences and sentences with too many words or missing words. The beginning was a little confusing, but keep reading it will come together after a couple of pages and from there makes perfect sense.

I liked the cover. It was one of the reasons I decided to read the book. The description also sounded interesting, but I think the description on Amazon was a bit misleading. This book is more about the relationships of the two girls and their heartbreak over the cheating, etc. than it is about the deva powers and the mother’s death. The first fifty percent of the book is the couples chasing each other around dealing with their relationship problems in an immature way, especially sense the main character Pax is supposed to be a doctor. It takes a certain maturity to make it through medical school, which I felt this character lacked. I also had a bit of a problem with the mens’ one-eighty change in attitude. First, they are horn-dogs out to get laid not caring for the women, and then their attitude just suddenly changes, and they are both depressed and sorrowful about breaking up with the girls. I saw no reason for the sudden change in attitude.

What the two girls do to get revenge on their boyfriends is an interesting idea. I just wish that no one was related to each other. The incest side of the mix did not help while reading the erotic parts. I could only think yuck. I’m not sure why any of the characters had to be related to each other. Perhaps it’s important in later books.

I enjoyed the deva and paranormal parts of the book far more than the romance parts and wish the book was more about those subjects instead of the relationships.

The book does not have a complete arch. It is more an intro to the characters’ problems so you will need to read on for a conclusion.

Overall, the novel has potential if the focus was less on the relationships, and the incest problem was fixed by making the characters not related to each other. The writer has definite potential. I really enjoyed many scenes.

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