"Into The Drowning Deep" - A Journey Through the Depths of the Ocean I don't Recommend

As a fan of the supernatural and mythical creatures, I was excited to dive into "Into The Drowning Deep" by Mira Grant. Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived. The novel is about a team of scientists, journalists, and others who set out on an expedition to study the mysterious disappearance of a previous crew, who were investigating reports of mermaids. The book, which revolves around mermaids, had a very predictable and common plot that added nothing new to the table.


I love a good mermaid story and one involving murderous mermaids is right up my alley. I found the premise of the book to be intriguing and the world-building was well-done. The descriptions of the ocean and the creatures that live in it were vivid and captivating. The first half of the book was a bit slow-paced. Throughout the majority of the book, I found myself bored and uninterested in what was happening. It took me a long time to read this one and half way through I started to skip read to move through faster. The characters were flat and lacked depth, and I simply didn't care about their fate. I found it hard to connect with them and feel invested in the story.

It wasn't until about eighty percent into the book that anything remotely exciting happened, but by that point, I had already lost interest. The build-up to the climax was slow and lacked suspense, and the resolution felt rushed and unsatisfying. The story started building up to something interesting when a mermaid is captured, but that build up ends up going no where. 

Overall, I was disappointed with "Into The Drowning Deep" by Mira Grant. The book failed to deliver on the promise of an exciting and unique story about mermaids and instead felt like a generic and uninspired retelling of a well-worn tale. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone looking for a fresh and thrilling take on the mermaid mythos.

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