I am thrilled to share A Deal with Darkness by Alexis L, Menard with all of you!

I am  thrilled to share A Deal with Darkness by Alexis L, Menard with all of you! This vampy fantasy will keep you warm during the long dark months of winter!  Deal With Darkness DIGITAL A Deal with Darkness (Eternal Night #2) Publication Date: November 10, 2022 Genre: Dark Romance/ Dark Fantasy/ Vampire Romance Before the Eternal Night or the Huntress, there was a deal with darkness. Isoldra Maan is drowning in debt, specifically over 250 souls deep. As a Hound for the diabolical yet irresistible Lord of Lost Souls, she’s been stuck serving the fallen god and hunting his contracts in order to be free of her own. But when Haalarcus strikes a bargain with a divine, he places her freedom finally within reach. A dark power threatens the integrity of the realm, splitting open the world and starting a series of plagues that force humanity to point fingers at the heavens. Isoldra reluctantly agrees to work with the divine who turns out to be the self-righteous watcher, Evander, in order to track down the heretic causing all this, but the simplicity of this bargain complicates when the stakes become much bigger than her freedom. An evil has awakened. A darkness unleashed. When death is not the end, how far will she go for a love crossing realms, lifetimes, and the very concept of mortality? Add to Goodreads


Available on Amazon at Barnes & Noble Don't miss out on A Night of Wings and Starlight, the first book in the Eternal Night series 51l0FVm7VpL A Night of Wings and Starlight (Eternal Night #1) Breaking the curse will risk her heart, her life, and the future she never thought possible. Before Arya was Chosen, she knew nothing of what lay waiting in the eternal night—certainly not alluring yet arrogant winged Watchers, a cursed queen, nor the possibility that she could be more than a runner, carrying messages through the vampyre-infested wastelands of Valdihr. But the biggest surprise waiting in the dark is the brazen Watcher who sparks her heart and calls her a Huntress. A hundred years shrouded in darkness and Arya is the only one who can finally bring back the dawn. With a blessing that marks her for death and an infuriatingly tantalizing man at her side, Arya must embrace her calling and her courage in order to face the danger lurking in the shadows. Because the night holds more than just secrets, and the monsters are closer than she realizes. Amazon

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6844EC14-6B61-412B-953B-6549DEBCDF91 2 Alexis is a registered nurse based out of Louisiana where she lives with her husband, toddler, and two oversized dogs. She enjoys long walks through the Renaissance Fair, reading smutty romance into the dark hours of the night, and wine nights with her “Finer Things Club.” She hopes to enrich the lives of her readers with worlds they can both escape in and take with them long after the final chapter.

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