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Turned (Vampire Journals, Book 1)  By Morgan Rice

3 out of 5 Stars

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=0982953720&Format=Turned by Morgan Rice is a short vampire novel about a teen named Caitlin who moves to New York after mostly living in small towns. She has an uncaring mother, a brother to care for, and only one friend, Jonah, in her new dangerous neighborhood. Something strange is happening to Caitlin. During an attack in an ally, she suddenly becomes super strong and fast. While on her first date with Jonah, it happens again only this time she looses control and the unthinkable happens. Others notice what she does and a chase begins to catch Caitlin. Only Caleb tries to help her escape.

I liked parts of this novel even though it wasn't a complete story and even though the writing was a bit immature. The work needs a lot of editing. There are missing words, misused words, and shifts into present tense when the novel is written in past tense. There are inconsistencies , too, like the Russian. He starts out a world-renowned violin player and changes to a vocalist later on, unless I missed something somewhere.

The style of writing might appeal to a younger crowd, an age around thirteen, but twenty somethings and older may find it too childish. The idea behind everything seems like it could be interesting, but for me, I don't think this first novel had enough happening to hook me to read on. This story is more the first 25% of a novel instead of a whole novel and does not have a conclusion. Perhaps the author would do better adding the second novel to this one to make one more complete work.

The story is hinting at a love triangle development between Caitlin, Jonah, and Caleb to come in the future, so if you are tired of the love triangle theme you may want to skip this one. It does seem like a Twilight type plot line will come later.

I would recommend this novel to younger people. I don't think most adults will like it but it never hurts to give it a try to see for yourself.

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