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Emma Rose Crane, AKA Mattie Hathaway

The Description

From USA Bestselling Author of the Ghost Files series, Apryl Baker brings you a new kind of chill in The Crane Diaries…

I Am Death.
I Am Darkness.
I Am Creation.

These are the simple truths Emma Rose Crane, AKA Mattie Hathaway, has run from for the last two years.

Emma thought she could start over by escaping her past, trying to live a semi-normal life. But her ability to see ghosts seems to attract paranormal mysteries and keeps landing her and her friends in life-threatening situations.

Long-kept family secrets come to light, and Emma realizes she’s unable to run from her past anymore.

Haunted houses, cursed beasts, and a supernatural hit lists are all part of the dangers Emma needs to face. In the end, will her past save her future…or will it take everything she cherishes from her?

This box set includes book 1 -3 of The Crane Diaries series.

My Review 3.5 out of 5 Black Cats

I started reading this and a little ways in I started to realize that the main character of this book was the same main character from The Ghost  Files Book 1 that I read and reviewed. I think you could start with the Crane Dairies and be able to follow it, but I would start with The Ghost Files books because these books will be spoiled for you if you read the Crane Dairies First. 

I decided to read this book because I did enjoy the Ghost Files. It's for younger people, but as an adult I still liked it but wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with the other books right now. I've wanted to read something more mature lately, just haven't found it yet. 

I like Baker's writing style and the way she describes things. Do I see anything in this book and the other one I read that particularly new or unique? Naaa, but it is well written enough to keep my interest. 

I can tell though that the books might be going in a direction that is too far for me in the future. Maybe I'll read the rest of the Ghost Files but I'm not sure about the Crane Diaries. I guess its like the show Supernatural. I liked it at first, but then it went too far off the rails for me, and based on this jump, I think this series may go a little too far off the rails in the future.

The plots for both books have been pretty simple. I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil anything, but if your looking for mind blowing twists or complicated story, this is not for you. If you like good character interaction and YA level romance, with some fantasy, then you'll like these books.

Just in case you think these books are horror based on the cover, it is not. They are not scary, at least not to me. Apryl Baker is a good writer so I do recommend checking her books out.



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