Book Review: The Savior's Champion (The Savior's Series Book 1) by Jenna Moreci

Book Review: The Savior's Champion (The Savior's Series Book 1) by Jenna Moreci

My Review 3 out 5 Black Cats

I really enjoy Jenna's YouTube channel so I decided to buy her first book. It started out very strong and reminded me of The Hunger Games. Twenty men are picked to be in a death tournament to win the right to marry the savior which would make them the ruler of the country they live in. You can see how this could be very Hunger Games like.

The main character is Tobias a commoner who wants to be an artist but works as a laborer. He doesn't want anything to do with the tournament but ends up joining to get money to help his injured sister. The other characters are fleshed out pretty well except the ones that die early. One particular death I was surprised about. It happened so soon, too soon. I didn't have time to get to know him so his death wasn't very impactful for me. I might have killed him later on in the story in a more meaningful way. 

The plot of this book was OK. I don't read romance and this is a fantasy romance so maybe that is my problem. I thought the plot was a bit simple and predictable. Once the relationship started to form I pretty much guessed what would happen. I hear romance is very formulaic so that may be why.

The twist of the novel is held off for what feels like forever, all the way until the end of the book. The twist turns out to be the main thing of this book and I feel like it should have been a subplot. This book also does not conclude so you will have to read more to get an ending, something I'm not a fan of. 

It sounds like I don't like the book but I did read all of it. It was good enough to finish, but I feel it was too long for how it concluded. 

There are other issues I had but I don't want to discuss them because thy would spoil things for people who do like the book. One of the issues being Cosima. Why was the father going along with the arrangement? That is all I will say. 

If you love romance do give the book a try. It is written very well. A lot of work went into it. If you like the plot level of Games of Thrones books or Dune like I do this might not satisfy you. There is a second book. Maybe that one clears everything up.

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