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Dying To Forget (The Station) by Trish Marie Dawson is a young adult urban fantasy novelette about a girl named Piper who experiences three tragedies she can’t deal with and unfortunately commits suicide. She ends up at the station, a place in-between living and heaven where people who commit suicide must make a choice. Below is the book description from Amazon.

Piper Willow dies the summer after her high school graduation but she doesn’t make it to Heaven or Hell…instead she finds herself in a spiritual terminal called the Station. She’s given only two choices: Return to Earth as the subconscious for a person in need of some outside assistance, or move on and spend an eternity lost in her own sorrow and pain. 

Does Piper have what it takes to save a life - to be the nagging voice inside someone else’s head - or will she fail and end up lost and tormented in limbo...forever?

I enjoyed this book. It’s written well, edited well, formatted perfectly for kindle, and the main character really has a distinct personality, but conflict rages in me because of the suicide subject matter and this book being aimed at the young adult age group. I’m always leery of YA books focusing on suicide. In this case, I feel the book isn’t glamorizing it in any way. The beginning shows it as a sad, heartbreaking choice. Once the reader passes the tragic beginning, a more positive message of finding purpose through helping others is presented. 

The idea of the station afterlife for suicide victims is interesting, but not unique. I liked how it was handled, but similar ideas have been in books and movies like Beetlejuice before. The author is able to add her own flavor to the idea.

As soon as the main character Piper hops into her first assignment, I could see the ending coming. It wasn’t a surprise for me, but hopefully it will be for other readers. I’m a fellow writer so it’s easy for me to pick out a set up. For the age group this book is intended for it may be a surprising ending, less experience in life and all.

Even though I could predict what was coming, I still enjoyed reading the story. The writing was well done. The way the story ends, the author must be planning to write sequels. It leaves you on a cliffhanger of sorts. I’m looking forward to the next book coming out to see where it goes from the ending.

I do recommend this book despite its heartbreaking subject matter. It’s a great read if you are looking for a tearjerker in the beginning part of the book. 

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