Book Review: Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorenson Fantasy, 3 Black Cats

Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorenson is a vampire fantasy novel about Kayla, a teen growing up in a world over ran by vampires. She is a bellator, a warrior allowed to go outside the confines of The Colony to search for supplies among the ruins. Her world turns upside down when she is selected for The Gathering. No one selected for The Gathering ever returns. Instead of dying, she wakes up and runs into a group outside The Colony who insist they were once part of The Gathering. These people know her well, but she doesn’t know or remember them at all. Kayla discovers the Highers have been keeping secrets. Secrets that could lead to a cure.

The story is well written and well edited and the kindle formatting is done professionally. The story itself is different from other vampire stories I’ve read. I followed the storyline fine but I can see how others might find it confusing. You really have to pay attention to understand and there are areas where I think there may have been mishaps concerning a particular male character that is with Kayla when she wakes up after the gathering. I’d have to read it again to make sure, which I haven’t had time to do yet, but I swear they say he is dead and then he pops up again later in the city. Maybe the group outside The Colony was lying about his death. I don’t know, obviously that part is a bit hazy. But that’s the reason this book at times can be a little hard to follow, there’s a lot of lying going on between all of the characters. 

Also, this novel only brings up more questions as you go along and nothing is resolved, a tactic many self-pub authors use to get you to buy another book. Therefore, you will have to continue to the next book. You won’t get any resolution in this one and I would guess none in the second one either. 

I did find the story interesting and do recommend trying it if you are into vampire stories. The story, so far, does have a unique set up and promises something different. I hope that the whole series delivers.

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