Book Review: Bone Chillers by John McDonnell, 4 Black Cats

Bone Chillers by John McDonnell is a collection of dark, short stories reminiscent of the shows Tales From the Dark Side or Tales From the Crypt. If you enjoyed those shows, you may want to check this book out. Below is the description of the book from Amazon.

Do you like to feel afraid? Do you like that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hear an unknown sound in the dark? When you hear footsteps in an empty house? When you get a sudden shock? Then read "Bone Chillers" a collection of nine scary stories. Here you'll meet shape-shifters, transformers, monsters, water spirits, the undead and the unclean. There are people with blood on their hands and vengeance in their hearts. There's an old man who thinks an evil troll is after him; two gangsters who meet a beautiful woman in the empty desert; an acting coach who says he can help a young actress with her fear of confined spaces; a food critic who gets bitten by a strange wolf-like creature in a restaurant; an Irish monk in AD 1000 who thinks the world is ending, and much more. Whatever your phobia, whatever your weakness, Bone Chillers will expose it!

I found this book of short stories entertaining and well written. I didn’t find any copyediting errors as I read. The kindle layout is also well done. The only change I might make to the layout is to use page breaks so the new story doesn’t start at the end of the old story. Not a big deal, but starting each story on its own page in my opinion looks more professional. 

The stories are simple, straightforward, and entertaining. Many of them deal with the fey in one form or another, which is a subject I’m interested in. My personal favorite in this book is titled Pig. I feel that story has the best structure compared to the others. Some of the stories are easy to guess the endings, but they are still enjoyable. 

If you are a horror fanatic, you may not find the stories scary. If you aren’t big into horror then this may be a great introductory read into the genre. I recommend giving Bone Chillers a try, at least download the free sample and see if it hooks you. 

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