Book Review: A Fairy For Bin Laden By Stephem M Holak

A fairy for bin laden4 out of 5 Black Cats. What can I say? A Fairy for Bin Laden by Stephen M. Holak was not a story I was expecting to get when I put out the request for self-published books to review, but I'm glad I got to read it. It's well written and edited, and the story engaging.

This short work that you can read in an hour or two starts with the main character, Peter Durrani, being brought on to Project Neverland where he learns he'll be the handler of a real life, foul-mouthed fairy named Tinkerbelle. Their mission, to take out Bin Laden. As the two work together, they form a romantic relationship. As strange a combination as this sounds, the tale is well developed, humorous, and entertaining. It leaves you hanging at the end, but gives you just enough to imagine your own conclusion.

The editing and formatting for this work was well done. I only found two typos in the whole story. Not bad for a self-pub work. The writing style is clear and easy to follow, always remaining in scene mode and never telling. If you enjoy works like Pride and Prejudice with zombies, then I think you'll enjoy A Fairy for Bin Laden. So, if you're in the mood for something short, humorous, and a bit unexpected, then I would suggest Stephen M. Holak's story A Fairy for Bin Laden.


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