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24 Bones by Michael F. Stewart

24 Bones contains an interesting mix of Egyptian and Christian myth. I’ve read reviews saying this book is inaccurate, but that’s OK for me as long as the story uses the changed information consistently and tells an interesting story and is written well. The novel is written well with nice descriptions and active voice. I only found a few copy editing problems sprinkled through the work. Nothing that would be a huge disruption to reading the novel. I didn’t have to wade through passages of back story or telling. The changes to myth did stay consistent and are interesting. I think this book would have been a great book if I could have connected emotionally with the characters.

The beginning of the novel started out strong and hooked me to continue reading. I liked the writing style, the way it flowed, the descriptions. But after the first few chapters I started to lose interest. I read to feel something. I want to be moved emotionally and be wowed with a clever plot. The plot might have wowed if the characters had done their job. I just didn’t care about these characters. It took me a while to figure out what was missing, why the characters weren’t working, not enough character thoughts and feelings about what was happening to them. All kinds of battles happen and they are detailed out well, but what the characters are feeling- fear, hate, love, pain- it’s rarely thought about or discussed. Without a strong emotional element, I couldn’t stay interested.

This emotional absence might be a plus for male readers, and female readers who love action and want all the fluffy, mushy emotions taken out. But I thrive on emotions so it was hard for me to continue through this novel to the end. Everything about the book was right except no emotional reaction from me. I wanted to enjoy it and get into it, I just couldn’t.

If you thrive on emotion like I do, you may want to get the free sample first, make sure it’s your cup of tea. If you want a lot of action well described settings, and an interesting plot dealing with Egyptian myth, then this book is for you.

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