#BookReview Perfection Unleashed by Jade Kerrion is a futuristic sci-fi novel with mutants, genetic manipulation, clones, and lots and lots of action

Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix) by Jade Kerrion is a futuristic sci-fi novel with mutants, genetic manipulation, clones, and lots and lots of action. The story takes place in an alternate reality world similar to ours except genetic research has created all sorts of new types of humans with fun powers like telepathy. The two main characters, Galahad and Danyael, meet after Galahad is stolen from a genetics lab where he was created with perfect DNA. The two men look identical and start a journey, along with their companions, to find out why.

The writing and editing of this self-published book is excellent, and a wonderful example of how self-publishers need to do it. I found very few errors, and most of those errors were small things like a missing quotation mark here and there. The formatting for kindle was perfect as well. I wipe my forehead in satisfaction as self-pubers are getting the message formatting, and editing does matter.

The first chapter of the book led me to think the manuscript would be about Galahad and Zara, their quest to free Galahad from the scientists, getting him classified as human, and their relationship, but once Danyael is introduced, he hijacks most of the plot. Not a bad thing, Danyael is an interesting character and has a lot of baggage in his past, but it made me wonder why the book wasn’t called Mutant Unleashed. Perhaps Galahad’s parts are larger in the second and third books, which I have copies of to read.

I enjoyed this book even though it doesn’t have a clear objective or resolution in the first one. I’m assuming the next books will reveal what the characters are trying to accomplish, and this preliminary book is more about setting up the world and all the major players in it. In the first book, the main characters are just reacting to what’s happening to them and not trying to reach any goal yet. So warning! You will have to read on to reach any type of conclusion.

Everything in the story is well-developed and sounds plausible, so you’ll have no problem suspending reality. My only concern, as I read on many aspects of the story made me think of the X-men. Perhaps it’s unavoidable to think of the X-men comics when dealing with mutants. So far, the powers of the mutants have been limited to normal stuff like empathy, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., and none of the more super power types of mutations you find in the comic. As long as giant robots don’t appear, I think we’re good.

One last thing, I wish the book explained why Galahad’s DNA is so important. Why is being a “perfect” human significant? Perhaps to the science nerd this is understood knowledge, but to us lay people who only dabble by reading science fiction, we are left scratching our head wondering. He’s attractive, strong, but doesn’t, at this time, seem to have special powers or anything. My guess the importance would lie in curing diseases and stuff like that, having a perfect pallet to start from.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi. It’s one of the better self-pub books out there. It gets 4 stars instead of 5 only because the story doesn’t have its own conclusion. I prefer trilogies where each book concludes its story.

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