May 12 #Book Review Ambril's Tale The Return of the Dullaith by Wendy D. Walter

Ambril's Tale The Return of the Dullaith by Wendy D. Walter

Ambril’s Tale, The Return of the Dullaith by Wendy D. Walter is an imaginative middle-grade fantasy about a fourteen-year-old girl named Ambril who moves to a new town called Trelawnyd where her family once lived before, but moved away from after the mysterious death of her father. While packing, she discovers a mysterious old box with a hidden amulet inside. Once she and her family arrive in Trelawnyd, everything changes for Ambrill as she battles Dullaiths, makes new friends, hangs out in enchanted gardens, and learns that magic is real. Along the way, she begins to uncover the truth about her father, a truth that could endanger everyone.

Even as an adult, I enjoyed this whimsical book. It’s full of magical creatures from myth such as fairies and Baba Yaga and her chicken-legged house. There is fast-paced fun and adventure in every chapter. Just to warn you, the book ends on a cliffhanger so you will need to read the next book for a resolution.

The book is beautifully formatted for kindle and is full of artwork by the author. A lot of love and time went into the layout. There are a few areas with typos, mostly missing words or missing quotation marks, but not so many that it’s distracting. The story is also professionally written and not full of back story dumps or pages and pages of boring summary.

The character, Ambril, is fun, light-hearted, and brave, but she seems younger than fourteen. She seems more about ten to twelve, and that’s the reader age range I think will most enjoy reading this book. There is no bad language, sex, or drugs and alcohol in the story so parents who like to monitor what their kids read will be satisfied. So far, this tale is very innocent.

If you like adventure and magic such as Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, then I think you’ll enjoy Ambril’s Tale.

About the Author

Wendy D. Walter has sketched and written stories about magic since she was a kid. When she set out to tell Ambril’s Tale, she decided not to write a story but to write a much more fun that way. She considers the first in the series, Ambril’s Tale, The Return of the Dullaith, as just the curly tip of the fairy boot. Wendy lives in her beloved San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, daughters, cat and ball-obsessed border collie. She is often to be found at her favorite coffee shop writing furiously or literally in her closet laboriously editing, editing, editing... The illustrations are pencil sketches. But contrary to some of her character’s opinions, Wendy has no trouble with technology and loves to mesh her paper sketches with her digital artwork. For more information, try and

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