Twenty Free Book Titles to Help Inspire Your Writing. #amwriting #writingcommunity #amazonkdp

Here are 20 titles to help inspire you and your writing. I mixed the vampire and science fiction genres. If you write something using one of these I'd love to see it.

Alien Vampire SciFi Titles

20 free vampire science fiction book titles

  1. "Eternal Nightfall: The Alien Vampire Virus"
  2. "Blood of the Cosmos"
  3. "The Last Vampire of the Universe"
  4. "Virus from Beyond"
  5. "Blood Legacy of the Stars"
  6. "The Immortal Plague"
  7. "Eons of Darkness"
  8. "The Alien Undead"
  9. "The Vampire Apocalypse"
  10. "Eternity's Thirst"
  11. "Cosmic Bloodline"
  12. "Death from Beyond"
  13. "Infection from Another World"
  14. "Vampire Beyond the Void"
  15. "The Endless Night"
  16. "Eternal Shadow of the Universe"
  17. "Cosmic Fangs"
  18. "Blood of the Extraterrestrial"
  19. "Undead of the Universe"
  20. "Eons of Blood: The Alien Vampire Legacy"

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