The Writing Muse Has Returned. A FREE College Level Class From Brandon Sanderson! And My Latest First Lines Video #amwriting #writingcommunity #authorRT

Back in 2009 I was on writing fire. Before that time, I was lucky if I made it past chapter 3 every time I tried to write a novel.  For the first time I wrote the words THE END which was very exciting. After that, I wrote two more novels. Then the editing process began, and once again, I hit a wall. It's 2022 now and my novels are still sitting on a hard drive waiting to be edited.

I'm happy to say that I now have only 11/2 chapters to go before a 1st edit is complete of the first novel I wrote. It is now readable and up for free on if you want to check it out. 


If you are currently struggling to write a novel, don't give up. Let the first draft be a piece of crap. I give you permission to not be perfect. It is better to write THE END than to be perfect. If you want some help writing your novel, I recently found this free class Brandon Sanderson posted on his YouTube channel. So far it is awesome and worth watching and is FREE. 

 WARNING! This is very, very long. It is an entire college class and we are lucky he offers it for free. He could totally be charging for this class. I hope you enjoy it. He also has a great podcast called writing Excuses which I've been listening to since around 2009. It's a great podcast on writing.

And finally, my newest First Lines Video is out where I judge the first lines of 5 novels that were submitted to me for review. I was reviewing self-published books for while but am now taking a break. But I am making these videos because I felt a lot of the books being sent to me were not ready for publication. I hope I can still help every author who submits to me even if I don't end up reading their book. Even if it is only the first line the author can get an idea of what a reader thinks.

My next First Lines Video I think I'm going to pick 5 wattpad novels to review. I've been using that website a lot lately so it might be fun to pick out 5 that are free in the horror genre.

If you would like your novel to be featured in one of these videos send your Amazon Link to

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