My Low Content Book Income at Six Months on Amazon KDP

So How Much Have I Made?

I started out making prompt books and then switched to composition books for a while because they take less time. I noticed that the prompt books were the only ones making sales so I stopped, for now, making the composition books. A few months before August I plan to go back to making them.

I then switched to making slightly higher content books like a hiragana practice work book and coloring books. At the time I made this video I wasn't seeing any sales from these new books. Or the others like them.

Near Christmas time I switched to making planners. Currently, one of the planners I made is doing well. 

I plan to make an update video on how much I am making very soon. I'm starting to see an increase and am very hopeful and excited. I hope the sale are not just a Christmas bump. I don't think so but you never know.

I'm also adding my books to this website using a LuLu App. I haven't sold any from the website yet, but I'm hoping. I'll make a lot more profit if I do. 

That's it for now. More videos and posts on KDP will be coming soon so come by again.

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