The Horror Movies of 2019, What I Saw, What I Wanted to See, and What I Thought

I love horror so I try to see as many horror movies as I can. This year I saw at least seven, maybe more, and here is what I thought about them.

Of the horror movie that came out in 2019 that I saw, none of them really stood out as being awesome. They were entertaining, but are not going to make my all time favorite top twenty list.  Here are horror movies that I saw:

  1. Midsommar: This movie was made by the same people who made Heredity which I really liked, so I had high hopes. I liked Midsommar, too, but not as much as Heredity. The plot of Midsommar was in my opinion formulaic. At the start of the movie I could pretty much guess what would happen. It reminded me a lot of Wicker Man. However, the movie did manage to follow the formula in an interesting way, and had an interesting style to it like Heredity does. I do recommend seeing it once but it is not a movie you'll sit down and watch over and over again.
  2. It Chapter 2: Again this movie is worth seeing once but was not as good as the new 2018 version. It kind of was a repeat of the first one but with adults so lost some of its Goonies charm that the 1st chapter had. They tried to get the "charm" in by flash backing to the kids past a lot but I'd say it didn't work. Also they left a huge plot hole. At the beginning of the movie, the girl talked about seeing how everyone dies in her dreams, but the movie never went anywhere with this idea and never mentioned it again except at the beginning. They should have edited it out if they were not going to use it or pay it off somehow. 
  3. US: This movie was made by the same people that made Get Out and I really liked Get Out, so again, high hopes. Us was definitely different and interesting but I had issues with parts of the premise. What the creators expected you to suspend reality on was a bit much for me. If how the duplicates existed could have been explained better, I would have thought this movie as groundbreaking. The creators were asking too much for me, but I did still enjoy the movie and recommend seeing it once. It will make you think.
  4. Brightburn: This movie reminds me of superman if superman turned evil instead of good, which was fun, but not that original. I felt it followed the origin story of superman too closely. I still think you should see it once because it is entertaining to see evil superman.
  5. Annabelle Comes Home: I watched this movie on the plane to Japan and was perfect for a long boring plane ride, but wasn't ground breaking plot wise. It's just a basic scary doll movie, and again, worth seeing once to stay on top of that whole franchise, which as a whole, has been entertaining but never as scary as they try to make it seem in the trailers.  Do see Annabelle Comes Home and the other movies at least once.
  6. Velvet Buzzsaw: The trailer really interested me in this Netflix movie, but this one I actually don't recommend. I found it long and boring. I love art and am an artist so I really wanted to like this art based horror movie, but I didn't. I didn't want to watch all of it, but I did hoping what was in the trailer that drew me in would show up in the movie. It never did. The idea was interesting but I feel was executed poorly. Sorry, I did really want to like Velvet Buzzsaw. I hope they make more art based horror movies.

Those are the horror movies I saw in 2019. They weren't bad except one, but they weren't top twenty material either. They did entertain and that is the most important thing.

There were a few I didn't see but would have liked to see like Doctor Sleep and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Hopefully I still get to see those, but probably not in 2019.

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