June 4 #MovieReview Knives Out, Fun To Watch Once

Movie Review Knives Out


 31/2 black Cats out of 5

 So many people said that this was one of their favorite movies of 2019. Some even said it was their favorite movie. Maybe all that hipe inflated my expectations?

I did like Knives Out, but I still prefer the old 80s movie Clue. I was hoping for that kind of fun and absurdness. I think it is funny that the movie is called Knives Out but there wasn't a lot of knives in it except for the chair in the background. This next point may be a spoiler so you may not want to read it, but, I really, really wanted the old man to best all these scoundrel family members in a better way. I wanted them to know in the end the old man got them good. Instead it was all an accident. Boooooo. 

I loved all the weird stuff in the house and wish I had a house just like it. It's a writer's dream.

I recommend seeing Knives Out Once. It will entertain you, but it wasn't as good as other people made it out to be.

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