Missed Opportunity 'Skinamarink' Horror Movie Review: The Slow and Terrible Horror Movie You Should Avoid #horrormovie #Skinamarink #horrorcommunity

The Horror Movie That Was All Hype and No Substance

Skinamarink Horror Movie Review

As a huge fan of horror movies, I was excited to see the latest release "Skinamarink". What little I knew about it sounded interesting. Unfortunately,the film was a huge disappointment. The pace of the movie was painfully slow and felt like the filmmakers were trying to fill time to make it feature length. You could try watching the film on 2x speed or faster, that may help. The lack of a coherent plot was frustrating and made it difficult to continue watching. But I did watch to the end.

There were one or two scenes that had potential to be really suspenseful, but they never went anywhere. Instead, the scenes were thrown in without any explanation or payoff. For example, when the father tells the boy to look under the bed. I thought finally something will happen. Or the mother speaking to one of the children, still nothing. The sound effects used in the movie were also goofy sounding and took me right out of the movie as I laughed every time they happened.

The the filmmakers had a great idea for something different, but they didn't execute it well. Never showing any of the actors faces was a very interesting idea and could be a very creepy technique. The way they treated the parents in the bed room, the strange cartoons playing, and the weird unexplained ending, could have been awesome if there had been less static walls and more story. The cost of this film was only $15,000. I feel like you could have made this for free.

I wouldn't recommend "Skinamarink" to anyone looking for a good horror movie. Watching this film feels like a waste of your life. It had all the atmosphere of a great horror film, but it didn't live up to its potential, not even close. It was a missed opportunity and a waste of time.

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