May 9 Five Strange, Weird Movies You Should Check Out But Might Not Make It Through Alive

I've put these movies into oldest to newest order and tried to pick out a variety. I know there are a lot of strange movies out there, but these are five I was privey  to experience. They might make you laugh. They might make you cry. You may not make it the whole way through. You'll definitely ask WTF.

Vampire's Kiss

vampire's kiss

Ah yes Nicolas Cage. He is on this twice and for good reason. Wild man Nicolas Cage. This an older movie for him and he is in full crazy mode in it. Maybe this is when he invented his crazy side. I about died laughing while watching Vampire's Kiss. It's kind of like American psycho if American psycho had gone terribly wrong. 

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Someone at some time in my life said I needed to see this movie. So when the opportunity came, I watched Event Horizon. I didn't know what it was about but the premise at the start of the movie seemed interesting, a deep space ship goes missing and they send out a rescue. But what happens the second half of this movie is nuts, in a good surprising way. It's worth one watch if you like horror.

Under The Skin

under the skin

Someone my husband knew said we needed to see Under the Skin. I disagree with that person. This one you may have a hard time making it to the end. It is so weird though if you can make it. I'm not sure why Johansen agreed to make this movie. I'm pretty sure by this time she was a well known actor and this is the kind of movie you make at the beginning of your career. It's really strange be very prepared with lots of beer.



This movie was made in 2018, 2018. Was Nicolas Cage doing a personal favor for a friend when he made this? If you can make it through the very boring first 20 min. then you'll be in for a treat. We almost didn't make it and decided to fast forward a bit and boy does the movie take a turn. I now use clips from this movie regularly in my YouTube videos because they are so over the top funny.



After watching Get Out, which I really liked, I was very excited for this second movie by the same people. The trailer made me believe that Us would be some kind of doppelganger movie, which I was very interested in. There are not a lot of movies about doppelgangers out there. Well, that's not quite what this movie is about. At first it was very interesting, but then it got a bit crazy with the underground and the rabbits. Hum. You should see Us, but it is not about doppelgangers.

So there you have it, five movies so strange you might not make it through them, but if you can, do it. I enjoyed each one in very special ways but I'll probably never watch them again. Or will I? 

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