Five Horror Movies You Can Watch For Free On YouTube

I love horror movies and Halloween. Even when I was a kid my friend and I would walk to the local movie rental place and pick out interesting horror movies. One of the first was Deadly Friend which was not a good horror movie but we had fun watching it. The next, was the Evil Dead and we had such a good time watching that movie. It is still one of my favorites today. Hail to the king!

To keep that spirit alive here are five horror movies you can watch for free on YouTube right now. I've seen all of them except the first one. My favorite one of these five would be 1408. Three of them are age restricted. They are Child's Play, Carrie 2002, and Nightmare on Elm Street 2. You didn't think I'd leave Freddy off did you. He is one of my Favorites. I hope you enjoy!



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