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Art Supply Review: Prismacolor Colored Pencils

5 out of 5 Black Cats 

I have been using Prismacolor pencils for a while and I love them! They are one of my favorite art supplies to work with maybe even my number one art supply. I haven't decided yet because there are other art supplies I have that I haven't used enough yet, but so far, I always say to myself, why didn't I use the Prismacolors on this. It would be better. I also tend to mix alcohol markers with prismacolor pencils because I can't get everything I want out of the alcohol markers. But that may be user issues, not the product.

I love how easy it is to blend them and make it almost look like oil. You can also keep a more crayon kind of look if that is what you want. It does take a lot of effort to make it look smooth so be prepared for sore hands or arms on larger projects. I feel it is worth the pain.

You want to be careful not to drop them because you can break the lead which will cause the lead to fall out when you sharpen them. You also want to use a sharpener made for color pencils or you'll have a lot of broken leads and waste a lot of your pencil resharpening it. A regular pencil sharpener will not work well for Prismacolor.  

Make sure to buy a blending pencil which does not seem to come in any of the sets. It is a pencil that is invisible if you color with it. You color on top of the colored pencil to make it look smooth. You can use lighter colors to do the same thing but it will slightly change the color you have put down. I get my blending pencil at Michael's because you can buy one pencil at a time there.

These colored pencils are great in coloring books because the color does not bleed through to the next page like markers do.

Here  I am using Prismacolors in a coloring book.


Here are some of the pieces I have done with Prismacolor

Current Work in Progress

prismacolor review

 My said monster is all Prismacolor except for the white

prismacolor review art supplies

Hopefully you found that helpful. I know it can be daunting to test art supplies and expensive. 

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