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Art Supply Review: Arteza Real Brush Pens


4 out of 5 Black Cats

I bought my Arteza Real Brush Pens from Amazon. I got 96 of them as a lightning deal for $20. They sell for more than this normally about $75, but if you hold out and look around you can find a better deal than their normal price.

As far as I can tell they are water based and function similar to water colors. You can use water with them and they work really well on water color paper. In a coloring book or normal printer paper it doesn't blend as well. The color gets sucked right into the paper. The brush pens do work decently on canvas. If you water them down a lot the color will change so you will want to experiment before using water on a piece you are working on. Once you are finished you'll need to seal your image with wax because any water will reactivate the water based ink.

I like the brush on the pens, although some of them are better than others. The hairs on some of the brushes were a bit frayed or inconsistent.

Here are some artworks and coloring pages I used the brush pens on.

On Card stock

On Printer Paper the blue sky

On Canvas

Coloring Book Page

These Real Brush pens are fun to use. The colors are vibrant. They get 4 out 5 because of the color change when you use water and the brush on them sometimes not being grate on some of the pens. Can an artist make real works for sale out of them? I think so once you practice with a few times.

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