Art Supply Review: Arteza Real Brush Pens 96 Count 4 Black Cats

I bought these Arteza brush pens a while back. I kept seeing them everywhere and they seemed interesting. I found them on sale on Amazon for $40 normally $120 and decided I wasn't going to find a better deal than that. I see now that they are no longer trying to sell them for $120. Now they are $69.98 much more reasonable.

I have used them on a few projects. I like adding water to them for a water color look. Their pigment is pretty strong if you don't water them down. The brush tip is nice and the ink flows out pretty nice. The ink never flowed out too much or blobbed which was nice. The color can change a bit when you add water so experiment before using it on a piece.

I don't know how long one lasts. None of mine have run out or dried up yet. I do wonder if you can buy singles if a color runs out as I use a lot of the same colors and other colors I hardly use at all.

I have noticed a problem with the Arteza Real Brush Pens and that is it reactivates easily. I was holding my finished project in my hand for a few minutes not paying any attention and later noticed my hand was blue. On the panting itself there was an almost white spot where the ink came off. So once you finish your piece you will want to seal it in some way.  I don't know if the ink is coming off because I added too much water? My second painting did the same thing where a bit of it came off while I was holding it. So hopefully the sealants will work.

Other than the reactivation problem I really like these brush pens and do recommend them. I plan to use mine more in the future. 

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