Artist Envy: I'm putting the spotlight on Pickled Punks Dark Whimsical Artist

Pickled Punks Dark Whimsical ArtPickled Punks


So step right up, ladies and gents, boys and girls- into a world of wonder, a panorama of the strange, the bizarre the....adorable!  It's Pickled Punks Plush and it's guaranteed fun for all ages!"

I encountered Pickled Punks for the first time while at The Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV. I loved the art and ended up buying three coloring books. I also LOVE coloring books. If you have a dark, whimsical, or both coloring book and would like it featured, send it my way! I plan to do a review of the three coloring books I bought on my YouTube channel Dark Whimsical art soon and will add that video to this post. Or make a new post. We'll see.

I haven't colored in any of them yet because, well, I don't want to mess up. I will soon. I might make a copy first to do a test run so I can figure out what I want to do without messing the coloring book up.

If you are looking for some cool creepy art to decorate your walls you may want to check out Pickled Punks. They make Stuffies Too! The link is above so give it a click.

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