A Look At The Demon Slayer Coloring Book #coloringbookreview

Hey guys, It's the spooky cat lady again. I've got another great coloring book, the Demon Slayer coloring book. I'm definitely an otaku so this one is right up my alley.  


I went to Japan and looked everywhere for coloring books and found none until I went to the airport. So strange. I know they must have some, but where? 


The Demon Slayer coloring book I found on Amazon and I really like it. It will be very fun to color. The paper is thin so I would only use dry medium in it. The back sides are black so you won't have to sacrifice an image if you do want to use something that bleeds through like Copic markers.

The video below shows all the inside pages and they pretty good, not a lot of repetitive pattern pages which I hate.

I hope you enjoyed the video and the look inside The Demon Slayer coloring book. The anime is great also and the movie. I got to watch it at The Alamo Draft House.

Take care until next time.

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