Writers, Artists, and Musicians Experience it, Creator Depression

During the winter it hits me the hardest. It's cold and I hate the cold so I feel trapped and unhappy. My soul sucking job also becomes more difficult because of snow. My job is a 24 seven kind of job so we have to be at work. Not everyone makes it so you never know if you are going to get stuck hours past your schedule or even have to work double shifts. The last place I want to be is my soul sucking job.

So far ten days into the new year I am doing pretty well. I've been working on the website, writing these blog posts, and creating and finishing art pieces. I hope it keeps going through the rest of winter. I don't know what causes my productivity to suddenly stop but sometimes it does.

 I haven't felt like making YouTube videos lately. I have plenty of footage and tons of ideas. I started on one an my editing program crashed and I growled and stated I guess I' not meant to work on videos right now. 

I'm trying to get all art projects I started recently done by the full moon today. I think I'm going to make it. The full moon represents the completion of things so its as good a deadline as any.

So what should you do if you find yourself not working and you are tired all the time. I say keep working anyway and make terrible art, or write terrible stories, or terrible music. Half ass it if you have to. Just throw paint at a canvas and then say your done. It is better than not working at all. Because if you stop you may never start again. You may give up inside and settle for your soul sucking job. That is when you officially die inside.

Don't give up!

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