Ten Ways to Sell Your Art and Make Money as a Dark Artist

This is how.

  1. Horror Conventions What a perfect place to sell your dark art. You are not going to find a more targeted crowd anywhere. I recently went to Monster Mania and there was amazing dark art of all kinds everywhere. I spent a lot of money. I plan to make YouTube videos about the artists and show the work I bought, at some point.
  2. Your Own Website This is a hard way to sell your dark art unless you already have a big following. It's going to take time and patience to build traffic to your website. Stay consistent and don't give up even if it seems pointless. If your art is good, it will pay off eventually.
  3. Print on Demand Again, unless you already have a big following, this option is going to take time and patience. You will need to make hundreds of designs and spread them around the different  print on demand websites like Redbubble, which is my favorite, until you find where your art style sells best. Some other print on demand websites are Amazon Merch, Zazzle, Society 6, and Fine Art America. There are many more, but those are some f the bigger ones. Redbubble is where I make the most sells.
  4. YouTube Making videos of how your dark art is created and letting people get to know you and your process will help potential buyers become interested in you and start buying your work. You gotta put yourself out there somehow and this is a very visual way that helps show who you are. 
  5. Traditional Gallery Depending on how dark your art is, you may be able to go the traditional gallery route. There are some traditional galleries that specialize in darker art subjects. Hopefully one will work with you. But don't think a "normal" art gallery won't host your work. Maybe you'll be a good fit for October during Halloween. I had a permanent display at a local art gallery and was pleasantly surprised that my darker work sold better than what I considered more safe work. None of the "safe" work sold because it was boring.
  6. Commission sites What I mean by commission sites are websites like 99designs, Fiverr, and Freelancer. People are looking for someone to design their book cover for their new horror novel and maybe your creepy art work is a good fit. Or they need a cover for their low budget horror blue ray they just created. I personally am not interested in commission work but there are lots of artists making a living this way. It might be for you.
  7. Stock Art You can try websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, and iStockphoto because these websites also need art not just photography. You'll need to create hundreds of pieces to make any real money, but if you have the energy, go for it!
  8. Themed Fairs like Mothman Festival At a regular street fair you might not do very well. Your work may even scare people off or have patrons walking by giving you the sign of the cross. But at a themed festival that matches your dark side such as an Area 51 festival or cryptic festival your work might be more appreciated.  
  9. Etsy All types of people shop at Etsy looking for something unique. Your dark art may be very welcomed there. I know I love all the corrupted teddy bears. They are super cool. I'd love to make some myself. The cost to play is not that bad so don't let that twenty cent fee stop you.  
  10. Teaching Dark Art Online The last way I have for you is teaching. Teaching your style of art is a great way to get people interested in your work and it will help them understand the amount of work you put into your pieces. They will learn that they really can't do it themselves and have more appreciation for your talent, and hopefully pick up a painting or print. And you'll make money from teaching.

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