Artist Problems: I know a lot of you are bored so lets color together!

This video was my first attempt at doing an above coloring filming so I apologize that it is not that great. I haven't tried to do another one since. I will make another one and it should be better.

I haven't been making videos since probably February because of all this corona virus stuff, but I will start again soon. I needed to get prepared for a shut down first and then for some reason I passed out in the middle of the night and went to the emergency room. I'm waiting for my mouth to heal enough so I can talk clearly and not look scary like out of a horror movie.

I didn't have the corona virus, thank goodness, but they couldn't find anything wrong and they did a bunch of tests. Maybe it was low blood pressure, maybe it was dehydration, maybe I had a panic attack which I have never had before. I seem fine now. 

So I'm going to count my blessings, heal up and then start making videos again. 

I have a ton of footage from Japan still and have some ideas for the Dark Whimsical Art channel as well.

Here are some coloring pages to entertain your demon spawn. Two are free and two are paid. I hope they make your day a little bit more creepy!



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