May 13 How I promote My Print On Demand Ecommerce Store For Free #printondemand #shopify

I'm no expert at marketing. Let me say that right up front. I only have 10 to 20 people coming to my site per day and have had only one sale. But I do see things increasing. The hits on my site were zero. So what I'm doing does work, it just takes a lot longer to build than if you are spending money on ads and a lot more work. 

1. Triberr and Twitter

 I'm surprised more people don't talk about Triberr. It's the reason I have over 3000 followers on Twitter. Triberr is a platform that lets you share other people's content on your Twitter and other platforms, too, easily. You join tribes with people who post about similar content as you. You share their posts and they share your posts. I'm a strong believer in you have to give before you receive. If you want people to share your content you have to first share their's and take an interest in them.

I use Triberr for free, but you may need to pay now. Mine might be free because I've been using Triberr since 2012 when they were pretty new. Check out Triberr it might work for you and help you build up your Twitter account or any other account you want to use it with.

2. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck

I use these two platforms to schedule posts about the products on my website so I don't have to be on social media posting all the time. Triberr gets my blog posts shared and Hootsuite and Tweetdeck share links directly to the items I have designed to sell. I schedule the posts for a whole week and then I don't need think about posting until the next week. It's boring and tedious to do but it seems to work. Some day I hope I can hire someone to do it for me but we are not there yet. Not even close.

3.Facebook Groups

Now pages can join Facebook groups and there is a nice notifications page when people posts in the groups you join. It makes it easy to socialize with other people doing the same thing as you and gets exposure for my website. Definitely make a facebook page for your website and join groups and be active in those groups. People will get curious about you and check you out and maybe lead to a sale or two.

4. Sharing On Pinterest

Pinterest is great. It works even if you don't have a lot of people following you. Post images of your products and other things related to the same thing as your products and it just gets shared everywhere if it's a good one. 

5. Back links On Directories

For Google's algorithm to favor you, you have to have back links on bigger sites. It makes your website look more legitimate. I joined Redbubble, Zazzle, Society6, and Fine Art America just so my website would have a link on their websites which are much larger websites than mine. I also make YouTube videos and my website link is on their site, too. I also do book reviews on my blog and my site is linked to a lot of large book reviewer directories. Being linked to all these sites makes my site look more legit to Google search engine and so I get ranked higher for my keywords for free. 

6. Keywording and Descriptions

Another very tedious process.  You have to keyword everything on your website. If you are using Shopify like I do, you can put alt tags on your photos, you can rewrite the descriptions of the products getting good keywords in them so they will show up in search. You can write awesome keywords into the description of your website. Mine currently needs improvement.

7. Being Transparent and Personal

Being transparent and personal is something that is important to me. I want people to know there is a real person behind Dark Whimsical Art not a corporation, not a Nigerian Prince trying to cheat you out of your money. I'm just one person running a website learning as I go. For those who are willing to go on this journey with me, I hope you get to learn something and enjoy the ride. 

8. Giving Free Stuff Away People want

I believe you have to give before you can receive and this is very important which is why I'm saying it again. I can say right now I am failing at this, mostly because it requires me to stay in my office on the real computer to work on it and for some reason right now I don't want to be in my office. I spent A LOT  of time in there editing when I was a wedding photographer and kind of just don't want to be in there right now. Creative people are weird what can I say.  

My plans are to offer free coloring pages which I have a few up, free  stock images for creatives to use in their work or on their websites, and free information like this post I'm currently writing to help others on their eCommerce journey. At some point it will become a priority to me and I'll get more of up on the site.

9. Doing Guest Posts and Interviews

This one goes both ways. You can do guests posts and interviews for other sites and they can do the same on your website. Doing this helps spread the fan base around. Right now I've done a few artist interviews and posts and some author post and interviews. If you think your content or products fit with mine, contact me.

10. Doing Reviews on Things My Audience Is Interested In

My audience likes horror, Halloween and otaku stuff so the books I review, the art I show, the fun posts I do about movies and such are centered around that subject so people interested in those subjects come to my site and hopefully find something interesting to buy as well. That's a long sentence. Sorry lost focus there. But you do want to write about things on your blog  that the people who might like your merch would find interesting. So you are attracting the right people. Perhaps that is where I am failing and that is why I'm not getting sales. I'm attracting the wrong people so I do still have some fine tuning to do. 

There it is, Ten tips you can try to improve your sales on your shopify store. If any work for yo let me know. If you have better ideas let me know that, too.

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