Here's a Collection of Articles To Help You Promote Your Artwork. Enjoy!

I know people are busy so to save you time here's a collection of articles about promoting your artwork. They were interesting. I hope you find them useful, too. Let me know in the comments what your opinion is on some of the suggestions. Do you think they will work? Have you tried them?

Artists: What to Know About Contracts with Galleries NyackNewsAndViews
... representation with a gallery to sell his art, the gallery becomes his agent. ... At no time does the gallery ever become owner of the artwork and at no ...

9 tips for selling your art online


And, as art fairs and traditional market streams have suffered during COVID-19, online art sales have come into their own. As Brian Parkes, CEO of ...
Artists Essentials Toolkit #4: Promoting your art with social media
There can be smaller goals on the way to a sale though, so think about what you can do to get your audience closer to that end goal. Before selling an ...

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