Eclipsed Wolf Full Moon, New Art Projects, and Changing Up My Business Plan

Dark Whimsical art black cat over the full moonIt's a time to finish projects as the Wolf Full Moon approaches this Friday the 10th. Too bad I won't get to see the eclipse because it happens during the day. I managed to finish my Friday the 13th black cat jumping over the last full moon of the decade painting. I'm working on a Van Goth cat parody copic marker piece, too, which I need to finish by the full moon Friday. I don't think I'm going to make it, but I'm going to try.

I have drawn a thumbnail for my next painting and I think it will be very whimsical, dark, and witchey. I can't wait to start on it. I'll probably draw it up tonight, or maybe not, since I do have that copic piece to finish.Hmm....That's the problem with artists, we are always excited about a new shiny project and not the one we are currently working on.

In other news, even though it took me forever to get Printful and Amazon integrated, I have decided to downgrade my Amazon business account. I'm not ready for it yet. There is too much to learn and I also feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions. For now, I'm  going to work on my Shopify website and Redbubble. I see  the most potential in them. If you are trying to do the integration you can wach my Youtube videos on the subject HERE.

I will probably use the $43 a month I was paying to Amazon to pay for adds for the website and maybe do a monthly $25 artist competition. It will be free to enter at first. If it goes well then I might charge a fee to enter just to be able to offer a larger prize. Kind of like a jury art competition. I need to research how to make all this work with Shopify in a nice seamless way that doesn't cost me a bunch.

While I'm working all of that out I might offer a chance to win $25 for signing up for my email and social media. I can use rafflecopter for that. Those are my thoughts for now. I'll have more soon I'm sure. Unless I become a couch potato.

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