Creating Some Abstract Pattern Art With Black Paper, Posca, and Sparkle Pop

I finally sat down to create some new art.

Because I still wasn't feeling it I decided to do abstract doodle looking art and use materials I don't use a lot. I do like the way way it looks. I love the gold. The gold really ups it a bit.

I'd like to make a dress with this design. I think it would look cool.  Maybe not for everyone. The video below shows me working on it. I used Black Paper, Posca, and Sparkle Pop gel pens. I really like the sparkle pop. 

Hopefully I'll be making more art again. I've been making a lot of no and low content books for KDP on amazon for writers and artists so far. I'm also working on a hiragana book for people who want to learn Japanese. I plan to make videos to go along with it.

Take care guys!

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