May 24 #HorrorMoviereview The Void 21/2 Black Cats Out Of 5

The Void Movie reviewThe Void, what can I say about it. My husband chose this movie to watch. I had never heard of it. My husband said it was on a lot of lists to watch. I was good with that.

The Void seemed promising at first. I was completely willing to give it a shot. Then it started to go off the rails. I'd say they wanted to make something like Hellraiser but ended up with something confused like Event Horizon. The movie didn't know what it wanted to be. 

The creatures looked cool and the cult outfits were cool and different. My problem was the creatures never directly interacted with the characters. You knew the creature was going to get a person, but instead of showing it, the scene would cut away  and you would see someone being dragged away. It seemed to me the film makers didn't know how to not make it look cheesy so they avoided it. Might have been the smarter choice but it bugs me. 

I'm not sure why the movie is called, The Void. There wasn't a void in the movie. There was some kind of place that we never learn anything about with a pyramid and all kinds of other stuff. Maybe they were trying to say all this happened because of something Egyptian or ancient. The movie did not set anything like that up. I thought it was going to be hell, but it wasn't. We will never know.

I saw that some people made YouTube videos to explain the ending of The Void so I might have to watch one and see if I missed something.

 The movie was OK. If you are bored and come across it I'd give it a chance, but I don't think it will make your top ten list. 


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