June 12 #Horror Movie Review of Z on Amazon Prime #horrormovie #gothgirl

Horror Movie Review of Z on Amazon Prime

4 out of 5 Black Cats 

It's the weekend and you're bored but you can't go out. You love horror movies but you don't know what to watch. If you have Amazon Prime you can give the horror movie z a try. My husband picked it for us to watch. I never heard of it before.  It's not too bad to watch once. I don't think it will end up on your top list though.

A little boy has an imaginary friend that starts to get real dark. -Spoiler-My problem with the plot of this movie is the the mother had the same imaginary friend but doesn't remember it? Hummm. How is that possible especially since she went to therapy about it as a child? I think she would have some kind of memory about that. I guess she could have repressed the memories, but I'd say maybe it would have been better if the son didn't reveal the name of his imaginary friend right away. Maybe Z told him he couldn't reveal his  name or he would kill him or something. Then the son does and mom freaks out. The way it was actually handled in the movie seemed unrealistic.

Other than that I did enjoy the movie for a one time watch. If you are looking for a new horror to watch and like imaginary friend stories then give this one a try.

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