Book Review: Into the Shade by Sharon Poffinberger Short Story, 4 Black Cats

Into the Shade by Sharon Poffinberger is a short fantasy story about a quiet girl named Jennifer who gets dragged to a New Year's eve party by her Rowdy friend Stacy. While Jennifer hides from the party in the bathroom, the stroke of midnight sounds changing Jennifer's life forever. Thrust into a strange existence, part earth, part somewhere else, Jennifer meets Mike and together they must figure out how to get back home.

This story was a fun read and short if you are looking for something to read on vacation or don't have time for a full length novel. It is well written and only has a few typos that I've informed the author about (we are in the same writing group)so I'm sure a new version will be uploaded very soon with the mistakes fixed. 

If you like books about the fey, then you should check this story out. It blends modern day with fairy mythology creating a delightful tale. The story is a complete story, but leaves room for more tales in this world and I sure hope Sharon Poffinberger does continue the saga. 

You may notice as you read that this story mentions December 32nd in it like my story Fortune does. Both stories were meant to appear in an anthology entitled December 32nd that my writing group was putting together. Unfortunately the anthology project fell apart, but some of us did complete our stories and decided to publish individually on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy what Sharon POffinberger envisioned would happen on Dec. 32nd, and if you haven't already, you can get my story Fortune free at Smashwords and read them together as they were meant to be.

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